About Us

We believe medical cannabis can profoundly change people’s lives for the better, and we value those who are making it happen. As the global view on cannabis shifts, businesses are exploring ways to enter the budding industry, which encourages government officials to consider policy change. Physicians are searching for new direction, medical schools are developing curriculum, and patients are experiencing the numerous benefits of cannabis.

We are hosting series of educational symposiums throughout the year, which culminates in November 2019. Each event will be unique and strategically designed to provide a foundation of medical cannabis understanding. The medical symposium series will comprise of two or three events, each detailing the benefits of cannabis. The first event will be hosted on February 22, 2019, (see attached agenda). A press release will be circulated the same day to announce the future of medical cannabis in Malta. We have secured commitments from three U.S. companies for sponsorship and are identifying Maltese based organizations at this time.

The Malta Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo (MMCCE) is dedicated to being the most comprehensive, actionable, and enjoyable experience possible. That starts with the incredible venue. The Malta Fairs and Conventions Centre is the perfect event center for the weekend and will be buzzing with excitement as celebrities, artists, and the most influential leaders of the industry will be gathering in Ta’Qali, Malta. This three-day conference (November 14-16, 2019) is all about growing your business while having fun. Whether you are business-to-business or business-to-consumer, the MMCCE will help you discover, learn, network, and succeed. We are expecting 150 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees to join us in Malta for cannabis education, business, and entertainment in the Mediterranean!

Our organization is currently working on the license application Malta Enterprises sent over. We intend to establish a long and prosperous relationship with Malta and will operate in a way that will be mutually beneficial for all parties. We were founded on five pillars, which are the fabric of who we are.
Education - Provide and present all the tools necessary in order to enable physicians, pharmacists, consumers, and the general public to make informed decisions about healthcare.

  1. Education - Provide and present all the tools necessary in order to enable physicians, pharmacists, consumers, and the general public to make informed decisions about healthcare.

  2. Transparency- Maintaining impartiality, fostering accountability and contributing to the demystification of cannabis. This can be achieved by providing objective information, regularly reporting on Corporate Social Responsibility activities, and changing the narrative surrounding cannabis to create an image of professionalism.

  3. Regulation - To prevent uncontrolled market growth, we will work with Maltese regulatory entities that monitor the market. The goal is to strike a balance between responsible regulation and entrepreneurial freedom while guaranteeing quality standards and consistency in cannabis products.

  4. Corporate Citizenship- We will be active community members and do more than what the law requires. This involves establishing direct lines of communication with communities, collaborating with stakeholders, networking and structuring their businesses to encourage social justice, child and youth protection, and workers’ rights.

  5. Environmental Commitment- We are making a commitment to environmental sustainability. This requires reducing the carbon footprint of industrialized production by focusing on the conscious use of pesticides, limiting plastic packaging, and implementing the best cultivation practices that effectively manage water and other costly natural resources with the commitment to operate zero waste facilities.